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Игра: Wargame: Red Dgagon
Требуемая версия: Wargame: Red Dragon (2014) PC | Steam-Rip от R.G. Origins
Версия обновления:

Язык игры:* Русский, Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Испанский, Итальянский, Польский, Китайский, Корейский, Японский

Таблетка: Присутствует (3DM Steam Emulator)
Язык игры переключается с помощью файла Language Selector.exe

- Translating the new texts added in the previous patch.
- Various mispelling or missing accent in the units' names.

- S-8 rockets renamed S-8OFP
- S-24 rockets renamed S-24B
- K-13M missile renamed R-13M
- N-Korean MD 500D LG renamed MD 500D AGS-17.
- N-Korean MD 500D Susong renamed MD 500D Susong-Po.
- N-Korean MD 500D Rocket renamed MD 500D S-5.
- N-Korean Mi-4 Rocket renamed Mi-4 S-8.
- N-Korean Mi-24 renamed Mi-25.
- E-German KHS Mi-8TBK renamed KHS Mi-8TB.
- E-German & Soviet Mi-9 renamed Mi-8R.
- Soviet UAZ-469 AGS-17 renamed UAZ-469 PLAMYA.
- Soviet Mi-8 renamed Mi-8T.
- Soviet MiG-21S renamed MiG-21SMT.
- Soviet MiG-21SM renamed MiG-21Bis.
- Polish Su-22M3 renamed Su-22M4.
- Polish Lim-6M renamed Lim-6Bis.
- Chinese ZLF-92 renamed WZ-550.

- CRV7 rockets renamed M151 CRV7.
- Hydra 70 rockets renamed M151 Hydra.
- CRV7 AT renamed WDU-5002/B CRV7.
- Mk.32 Zuni rockets renamed Mk.24 Zuni.
- ATACMS missile renamed M39 .
- W-German Bo 105CB renamed Bo 105M/VBH.
- American F-15E Strike Eagle renamed F-15D Eagle.
- British Tornado ADV F2 renamed Tornado F.2.
- British Tornado ADV F3 renamed Tornado F.3.
- British Tornado GR1 IDS renamed Tornado GR.1.
- S-Korean KF-16D renamed KF-16C Block 52.
- fixing some missing/misplaced Chinese voices.
- adding new machine gun sounds
- improving infantry weapons sounds
- improving fade-in/fade-out distances for all weapon sounds

- adding a "Turn off weapons" button in the company orders. It will turn off/on all the weapons of all the selected units (hotkey "H"). Note: the button is prensetly localized in English only, but will localize in other languages very soon.
- Adding a Mute feedback on Channels in the global chat. Channels (such as [WARGAME]) can now be muted and unmuted as any player.
- Leaving the game by force (alt+F4 or ctrl+alt+suppr. for instance) will now be marked as a defeat in your stats anyway.

- fixing broken bridges on Chosin Reservoir

- improving the AI in Destruction mode: it should be even less obsessed
about capturing zones than in Conquest mode

- fixing the displayed loss of morale points at the debriefing screen, when retreating
- fixing the income feedback displayed in the deployment menu: it was not taking in account the bonus from cohesion
- extending the pulsing feedback on all battlegroups that have yet some initiative points to spend (rather than only those who cannot move anymore)
- fixing a bug that was allowing a battlegroup deployed on a conflicted zone to disembark nevertherless (that should not be possible)
- fixing some mistakes in the debriefing map: some zones could display a false ownership in some rare cases
- displaying the sector name above the map preview in the briefing, rather than below the map where it was difficult to see
- fixing the battlegroups destruction FX that got downgraded
- replacing Bell 205 by AH-1J in the ROK attack helicopters reinforcement battlegroup (Busan Pocket)
- fixing 2 wrong battlegroups pawn model on the Russian side (Mi24 and BTR-D)
- all campaigns' ending message got expanded

- giving more visibility to the "Create" button of the deck list, by moving it on the left navigation menu
- fixing a bug that could be exploited to move helicopters outside of the map using the LAND order
- fixing a bug causing ships to struggle with the Attack order on helicopters that were just barely outside of their fire range
- fixing the turret of the BTR-ZD Skrezhet
- fixing several texts in all languages

FIXES wrote:
- Fixing the dates of the units, previously units from 1981 were considered as being 1991+.
- Fixing some discrepancies in AA choppers reload times. They are now all considered having only one salvo (all missiles at the ready).
- Fixing Polish assault rifles stats for regular troops: they were all shock!
- Fixing ship guns dispersion: they had none at all before!

- W-German Bo-105P/BHS & Tiger's Stinger missiles name changed from FIM-92A to FIM-92C, to match their stats.

- SEAD missiles RoF increased.
- Medium range semi-active AA missiles rate of fire increased.
- S-5 rockets' accuracy set at 15% (there were two versions with different stats).
- S-8 rockets' accuracy increased from 15 to 20%.
- S-13 rockets' accuracy increased from 20 to 30%.
- French & German Tigre's SNEB rockets' accuracy decreased from 40 to 30%.
- French & German Tigre's stealth reduced a bit, still displayed as Good.

- Chinese Mi-6 now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- Soviet Mi-6 now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- Soviet Mi-26 now available in Airborne decks.
- Polish Mi-8 Zaop. now available Marines, Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- Polish Star 266 Zaop. size reduced from Big to Medium.
- E-German Versorgungs Mi-8 now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- N-Korean Mi-4 Cargo now available Marines, Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- W-German PzBefWg Leopard 1 price reduced from 190$ to 185$.
- American CH-47C Chinook now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- ANZAC CH-47C Chinook now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- Canadian CH-147 Cargo now available Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- British Chinook HC.1 now available Marines, Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.
- French Puma Logistique now available Marines, Motorized, Mechanized & Armored decks.

- E-German SchwPz PT-76B price reduced from 25$ to 20$.
- E-German SchwPz PT-76B base availability increased from 6 to 12.
- Polish Zwiadowcy price increased from 15$ to 20$.
- Polish Zwiadowcy base availability reduced from 8 to 6, but with one more level of veterancy, as other shock recon.
- Soviet Ka-52 Stealth reduced from Good to Medium as the Ka-50.
- Soviet Ka-52 now detects radar SAM from further away
- Soviet Ka-52 price decreased from 150$ to 130$.
- Japanese OH-1 Ninja's stealth reduced a bit, still displayed as Good.
- Danish Spedjerne rifles fixed as regular's.
- Norwegian Marinejegers rifle's loadout fixed.

- E-German Strela-2's missile loadout increased to match similar units.
- E-German Fagot's missile loadout increased to match similar units.

- Danish Hamlet RoF fixed: it used to fire faster than the other Redeyes.

- S-Korean M48A5K2 price increased from 45$ to 55$.
- W-German KPz M48A2G2 price decreased from 25 to 20$.

- Chinese PGZ-80 price decreased from 25$ to 20$.
- Chinese PGZ-80 base availability increased from 12 to 16.
- Chinese HQ-7 base availability increased from 4 to 6.
- N-Korean BRDM-2 Strela-1 missile changed for Strela-1M to Strela-1.
- N-Korean BRDM-2 Strela-1 price decreased from 30$ to 25$.
- E-German Fla-Kom Strela-1 price decreased from 30$ to 25$.
- French Crotale base availability increased from 4 to 6.
- W-German FRR ROLAND 2 price decreased from 65 to 55$.
- S-Korean KM163 air optic value fixed: it was too low

- Chinese PTZ-59 price increased from 40$ to 60$.
- Chinese PTZ-89 price increased from 60$ to 75$.
- Soviet BMP-3 price decreased from 40 to 35$.

- REDFOR Mi-4A price increased from 35$ to 40$.
- REDFOR Mi-24P/Mi-35P are now available in Support decks.
- REDFOR Mi-6 HP increased from 8 to 10.
- Soviet Mi-28 price decreased from 145$ to 130$.
- N-Korean MD500D AGS-17 price increased from 20 to 35$.
- N-Korean MD-500D Susong-Po price reduced from 35$ to 30
- N-Korean MD-500D Rocket loadout changed from 20x S-8 to 32x S-5.
- N-Korean MD-500D Rocket price reduced from 35$ to 30$.
- N-Korean Mi-8 Gunship price increased from 40$ to 45$.
- E-German KHS Mi-8TBK price increased from 40$ to 45$.
- French Tigre HAD & Tigre HAP price increased from 100$ to 110$.
- American Seahawk price increased from 70$ to 80$.
- American Seahawk base availability increased from 3 to 4.
- American Apache is no more available in Support deck.
- American Apache price decreased from 140$ to 130$.
- Canadian CH-118 SS-11 price decreased from 50$ to 35$.
- Norvegian UH-1B price increased from 10$ to 15$.
- Swedish Hkp 3C price increased from 10$ to 15$.
- W-German Dornier 205 price increased from 10$ to 15$.

- Polish Lim-6M's rockets fixed: it was using the helicopter variant.
- Chinese Q-5 price decreased from 75$ to 65$.
- Chinese Q-5D's LT-2 bombs' HE power increased from 14 to 20.
- E-German MiG-21MF price increased from 60$ to 80$.
- N-Korean Su-7BMK price increased from 55$ to 70$.
- N-Korean Su-7BMK base availability decreased from 3 to 2.

- Norvegian F-5A Freedom Fighter price reduced from 60$ to 50$.
- Norvegian F-5A Freedom Fighter base availability increased from 2 to 3.
- Fixing a crash occurring when saving and loading several times a campaign. However the bugged saves cannot be repaired... you will have to delete them.
- Fixing a bug where units were able to direct fire throughout obstacles with the Fire position order
- Fixing the broken deck selection in ranked games lobby
- Fixing the "Black Map" bug.
- Fixing translation mistakes in Russian and Polish languages
- Improving some naval gun/impact sounds.
- Improving infantry small arms sounds.

- Out of the Blue's conquest zones modified.

- Fixing some camera positions on campaigns' battle start.
- Fixing some flags display error in some opening menu.
- Fixing the automatic return to main menu at the end of a campaign.
- Fixing a naval sector on "Pearl of the Orient" which could cause a crash.
Update Patchlog:
- Fix crash when loading campaign saved game
- Fix crash when starting tactical battle in campaign
Update Patchlog:
- Fix infinite save in campaign.
- Fix a few crashes when leaving a game.
- Fix crash when starting ranked game.
- Fix players disconnected when ranked match was found.
- Fix several mistakes in texts

- Adding servers for the second 10v10 map, "Gjoll" (actually it is not added by the patch, we had already added the servers today.

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2. Установить обновление.
3. Скопировать полностью содержимое одной из папок Crack в папку с установленной игрой.
4. Играть.

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